Feb. 11: Women in Sports

• Explore the history, the traditions, and the achievements of LaRue county’s female  athletes •

In 1916, ten teenagers signed up for the first girls varsity basketball team in Hodgenville.

Their names were Dorothy Hansbrough, Pearl Daugherty, Gladys Hargan, Linda Boyd, Rose Patterson, Clotilde Smith, Genevieve Stark, Augustyne Ferree, Mary Alma Woods, and Rachel Kennady.

For the next 16 years, local girls would compete vigorously on the court until 1932, when Kentucky’s governing sports organization abruptly abolished the Girls State Tournament.

This decision effectively ended girls basketball programs in the state for four decades. Basketball was not the only sport for girls to be nixed. By 1940, few schools reported athletic programming for girls, except for cheerleading.

Slowly but surely, schools throughout the state began adding sports programs. By the 1960s, tennis and track programs were added and the implementation of 1972’s Title IX brought sports programming to a new generation of women athletes.

Come celebrate the accomplishments and the history of LaRue County’s women athletes.

The event is free and all are welcome!